FIFA Street 3 APK (Latest Version 1.2) Download For Android

FIFA Street 3 APK (Latest Version 1.2) Download For Android
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FIFA Street 3 APK offers a unique twist on the world of sports gaming. This arcade-style sports game allows players to immerse themselves in the fast-paced world of street football, competing alongside internationally renowned players. The gameplay showcases real-life champions who possess exceptional skills, igniting a spirit of competition among players from all around the globe.

While traditional FIFA titles aim to replicate the sport of soccer faithfully, FIFA Street 3 takes a different approach, prioritizing the joy of arcade-style gameplay and the flair of street soccer. It’s an experience that promises excitement and entertainment like no other.

If you’re a football enthusiast seeking a more exhilarating way to showcase your skills and passion, why limit yourself to conventional pitches? FIFA Street 3 beckons you to take your talents to the city’s vibrant streets. Don’t miss out on this opportunity to dive into the world of street football – it’s the third installment of the beloved FIFA Street series, and it’s waiting for you to explore its unique charm.

The Gameplay of FIFA Street 3 APK 

FIFA titles like FIFA 23 Mod APK and FIFA Mobile typically aim for an authentic soccer experience. However, FIFA Street 3 MOD APK takes a refreshing departure into the realm of fun, arcade-style gameplay, and street soccer wizardry. The game’s latest iteration features a roster of real-life football legends, including Fernando Torres, Wayne Rooney, Cristiano Ronaldo, Peter Crouch, and many others. With their extraordinary playing style and unique talents, each player is transformed into a larger-than-life character within the game.

It’s worth noting that these in-game characters are not directly modeled after real-world footballers. Instead, they possess distinct qualities and freestyle football skills, adding a unique flavor to the gaming experience. This game mode introduces players to an exciting new adventure, offering a variety of activities to partake in.

As players engage in matches and conquer different levels, their progress unlocks limited features, allowing them to savor the game entirely. If you aspire to enhance your football team with more refined and exceptional players boasting increased skills and abilities, you can unlock them through your journey.

Features of FIFA Street 3 APK 

Player-Specific Moves and Styles

In FIFA Street 3, players come to life with their signature moves and distinctive playing styles, mirroring their real-life skills and personalities. Whether a dazzling dribble or a jaw-dropping trick, every player brings their unique flair to the game.

Challenging Tournaments and Events

Get ready for an intense gaming experience with many challenging tournaments and events that captivate players for hours. These demanding competitions offer the opportunity to go head-to-head with some of the best players worldwide, putting your skills to the test.

Create Your Dream Team

Assemble a dream team of exceptionally skilled players for epic soccer showdowns. Customize characters to suit your preferences and nurture their abilities to achieve remarkable prowess on the field. Train them to score incredible goals and execute mind-boggling tricks, all in a bid to outclass opposing teams in various events.

Personalized Characters and Styles

FIFA Street 3 allows users to personalize characters to their heart’s content. Tailor your players to match your preferred style of play, ensuring they stand out on the pitch. Additionally, the game offers the opportunity to train and refine your characters, transforming them into soccer virtuosos with remarkable talents and abilities.

Earn Rewards and Bonuses

Engage in thrilling football competitions to earn valuable credits as rewards. These rewards are the key to your progression throughout the gameplay, enabling you to unlock new features, enhance your team, and take your gaming experience to the next level.

Explore Unique Environments

Immerse yourself in the captivating world of FIFA Street 3 as you play in extraordinary locations such as Rio de Janeiro, London, Tokyo, Paris, Rome, New York, Amsterdam, Berlin, and more. Each place boasts its distinctive ambiance, stunning scenery, and interactive elements that add depth and excitement to your soccer adventures. Whether you prefer the vibrant streets of Rio or the historic charm of Rome, each environment offers a unique and engaging backdrop for your gameplay.

What’s New 

  • Free download for Android.
  • Fully functional with premium features included.
  • Secure and safe gaming environment.
  • Easy-to-use controls.
  • Both offline and online multiplayer modes.
  • Unlocked characters to diversify your roster.
  • Win matches using freestyle talents.
  • Learn new tricks and enjoy user-friendly gameplay.
  • Ad-free gaming experience for uninterrupted fun.

What Do We Like Most

Immersive Gameplay: FIFA Street 3 offers an engaging and immersive gaming experience with its fully functional, premium features, providing hours of enjoyable play.

Diverse Multiplayer Modes: Whether you prefer competing offline with friends or challenging players worldwide online, the game’s versatile multiplayer modes offer endless opportunities for exciting matches and social interaction.

Unlockable Characters: The ability to unlock various characters with unique skills and abilities adds depth and excitement to the game, keeping you motivated to progress and enhance your team.

Freestyle Mastery: Showcase your freestyle talents and soccer skills, utilizing new tricks and maneuvers to outplay opponents, making every victory a satisfying achievement.

Ad-Free Enjoyment: FIFA Street 3 prioritizes your gaming experience by eliminating advertisements, allowing you to immerse yourself in the game without distractions.

What We Don’t Like

Large File Size: The game may have a substantial file size, which could be a drawback for users with limited storage space.

Difficulty for New Players: Newcomers to the game might find it challenging to compete against experienced players who have unlocked powerful characters and mastered freestyle skills.


FIFA Street 3 APK offers an enticing blend of arcade-style street soccer and freestyle tricks, making it a unique gaming experience for enthusiasts. With its fully functional, premium features, diverse multiplayer modes, unlockable characters, and ad-free gameplay, it has the potential to captivate soccer fans and mobile gamers alike. Download Winning Eleven 2024 APK on your Android for realistic soccer fun with friends.


What types of gameplay modes are available in FIFA Street 3?

FIFA Street 3 typically offers various gameplay modes, including tournaments, events, and exhibition matches, each with unique challenges and rewards.

Is FIFA Street 3 compatible with my device’s screen size and resolution?

The game is usually designed to work with various screen sizes and resolutions, but ensuring your device meets the game’s compatibility requirements for the best experience is essential.