Dream Cricket 2024 APK Download ( Updated Version 1.4.12 )

Dream Cricket 2024 APK Download ( Updated Version 1.4.12 )
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  • v1.4.12
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For cricket lovers, Dream Cricket 2024 APK is the latest and probably the best simulation game. If you are in search of effective cricket, it must be your first choice. You will enjoy an immersive and realistic cricket experience on your smartphone while playing this game. What makes this game so realistic is its 3D graphics and outstanding animations. The original version of this game is under development and will be released in the first week of 2024. However, you can enjoy this modified version on your smartphone even before the original version is released by downloading it from our website. 

About Dream Cricket 2024 APK

It is a fantastic cricket game for smartphones that can be enjoyed on any Android version. It is the most realistic cricket game you have ever played. This game features many multiple cricket leagues and tournaments in which you need to participate. Thousands of top-class international players are featured in this game. You can select all your favorite and top-class players for your team. Once your team is complete, you can participate in several exciting and challenging cricket competitions.

All the cricket rules, ICC rules, have been applied in Dream Cricket 2024 APK. Whether your team is batting or fielding, you need to follow the ICC rules. While bowling, you need to care about no balls, wides, and beamers. You can set your field position according to your own. But remember, you need to bowl at the right lengths according to your field position. Otherwise, you will concede extra runs. In the same way, you need to play the ball into the gaps when you are batting. Do not try to hit everything out of the park, as you may lose wickets because of the wrong shot selection. 

One of the most impressive features of this game is the availability of players with their original faces. Along with their original faces, they also possess the same qualities like bowling action, batting style, fielding, and even the way they celebrate by taking wickets or scoring a century. You can play your team composed of all your favorite cricket heroes in the same way as if they are real players. Not only the visuals and graphics but the animations are also so perfect that they make Dream Cricket 2024 APK the most realistic cricket game of the genre. 

More About the Game

This game possesses an automatic update system that brings improvements in the gameplay as well as introduces several new features with the passage of time. There are also a variety of game modes where you can show your cricket skills. You have options to play quick matches and tournaments. You can also select online mode to play the game with other players. Also You can challenge anyone in the online match, which makes this game even more interesting and appealing for the players.

In player versus player (PVP), you can challenge not only your friends but anyone on the internet. You can also select multiple players mode to play the game with more than a single person. You can only beat your rivals if you have enough skills and talent and also participate in some of the world’s most prestigious leagues and tournaments, where you come to face the most difficult challenges in the form of strong and unbeaten teams. An all-round performance from your team is required to beat your rivals and progress in the game.

Features of Dream Cricket 2024 APK

Create Your Own Team

All the top cricket players from international teams like Australia, England, India, South Africa, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, and other cricket-playing nations are available in this game. You can choose from these players to build your own team. 

Interesting Gameplay

Cricket is an active game. Whether you are batting, bowling, or fielding, you always stay alert in a cricket match. As Dream Cricket 2024, APK is as real as an actual cricket match; the players never become dull through the gameplay. The gameplay is very active, as it keeps you engaged and excited.

3D Graphics and Animations

3D graphics have been used in the game to create vivid and realistic experiences. Stunning graphics, along with outstanding animations, make everything look so real. This game brings outstanding realism in every aspect of the game, from the players to the playgrounds. 

Challenges and Achievements of Dream Cricket 2024 APK

There are many challenges and achievements that the players need to complete. Competing for each challenge moves you forward towards becoming a mega cricket star. There will be several set goals that you need to achieve. Also, you can set the highest target, which is another kind of challenge you need to complete in order to progress in the game.

Game Modes

Multiple modes of the game enable you to participate in different leagues and challenges. Some of the most famous modes include tournament mode, quick matches, and online mode. In online mode, you can play the game with other online players from different parts of the world. The game also features player-versus-player mode, where you can challenge your friends or others for one-on-one battles with them.

Cricket Rules

All the cricket rules, according to ICC, have been applied in this modified version. On violating these rules, you have to pay the penalties. The penalties are the same as in the real match. For example, you can only run out a batsman after delivering a no-ball. One extra run will also be given to the batter for a no-ball or a wide delivery.

Improvements and Upgrades

This modified version also updates itself on a regular interval of time. In this way, it brings improvements in its gameplay either by upgrading its features or introducing entirely new features with the passage of time. Make sure to check out Real Cricket 23 MOD APK, an exceptional cricket game!


Dream Cricket 2024 APK is probably the best cricket game till now. It has the most advanced and outstanding features that a cricket game can have. While playing this game, you will feel realistic and the most authentic cricket game due to its 3D graphics and outstanding animations. You will find everything real and attractive in this game. You can only be a real cricket lover by playing it on your smart device. To be amused by the most impressive cricket game, click on the provided link and enjoy a new and unique cricket experience.