Oatsab APK ( Latest Version v2.23.10.9 ) Free Download

Oatsab APK ( Latest Version v2.23.10.9 ) Free Download
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Are you searching for something exciting and more eye-catching to stay connected with your loved ones? So here’s the most recent technology with premium and supplementary features for users to enjoy the conversation and keep in touch with people anywhere, anytime, with anyone. This app will give all proficiency, such as reading deleted text and hiding status or further outcomes. These extra auxiliary features are available here in Oatsab APK other than that of the original app. To have these sophisticated choices download this app from our website on a Windows phone with proper secrecy and privacy.

Oatsab APK

Oatsab APK is the modified version of WhatsApp that includes many more customized features than the original WhatsApp. We know that WhatsApp is used for texting, sharing videos, clips, pictures, voice notes, and video calls. To make it more exciting and fun, The Oatsab APK has variant features that include hiding status, Colorful and updated themes, background pictures and Color, new emoji and stickers, and different writing fonts.

You can also block and hide a particular person and keep your privacy intact; all of that makes the chat more attractive and exciting you can also read deleted messages. These features are only available at Oatsab APK.Take a look at Insta 2 Pro APK – the newest modified version of the popular Instagram app.

Feature of Oatsab APK

This app has many valuable features, listed below:

Know your Caller’s Name 

This app, “Oatsab APK,” provides you with the caller id without them knowing so you can check the caller’s id when they call you.

Hidden Blue Mark Check

 In this latest version, you can hide the blue mark check on your message when you read until the user finishes providing the answer. This makes others more curious about whether you’re online or not.

Share Anything, Anywhere

Sharing options are available in this version, just like Facebook, tweeter, and Instagram have. You can share anything, like videos and pictures, on any other social media platform by clicking on the file and tapping the sharing button. 

Disabled Transfer Options

In the standard version, when you share a message or picture, it is tagged as “Forwarded,” but in this version, when you share anything that removes the tag forwarded, you can share that directly without others knowing that it is delivered.

Hidden Views On Statuses

When you view the status of your friends and family, it comes as viewed status. This feature allows users to access the positional information of others. However, it is essential to note that others may need a clearer understanding of what you are viewing. 

Status and Warning Regarding Data Deletion Prevention

The two functions are integral to the Oatsab APK and enhance security measures. You can prevent individuals from deleting your profile during conversations with you; if an individual endeavors to remove your status, it is essential to note that the photos, videos, messages, and information associated with your account will persist.

Data Saving Option in Internal Storage

In addition, there is an option to save data to internal storage for offline playback of videos and music. Freely download the things you like by clicking it.

Modify appearances

Red, yellow, blue, pink, etc., are just some Colors represented in this assortment of designs. Choose a Color and apply the theme to the Oatsab APK WhatsApp home screen, and you’re good to go.

Safeguarding WhatsApp

Increase your app’s security by enabling the password, fingerprint, and face lock, making it harder for Unauthorized users to access your app. 

How to Get Oatsab APK with Few Clicks?

Apply now on our website to get your hands on Oatsab APK.

  • Let in files from questionable sources. The device’s security settings allow you to turn downloads on or off from unknown sources.
  • Locate the app, after which you click Install.
  • If a caution message appears, you may dismiss it by clicking the link.
  • Put in the PIN and your phone number.
  • Just that. And you’ll get the app. 

What is the Newest Information?

The newest updates include:

  • Unlimited and premium features
  • Improved agility and depth of knowledge
  • Modifications
  • Upgraded to take advantage of all the new additions!
  • Improved Bugs Fixation 
  • The speed and experience have been enhanced.

Pros and Cons 

Here are some benefits and drawbacks of the most recent version of Oatsab APK, which you are about to install on your mobile device. 


  • The size of the latest version is reduced
  • Consumes less data
  • Your device’s battery life will be prolonged while still being able to operate smoothly.
  • There are now fewer adverts and no disruptive ones.
  •  If you upgrade to a paid plan, you may also turn off the ad support.


Low-end devices will be incompatible with the most recent upgrade, released on August 10, 2022. Although features of this version are available, older software versions are still available. Some classic elements are gone, but new ones have been added to make up for it in more persuasive ways.Oastab APK Version 2.0 requires a data connection for the few offline capabilities previously only accessible online.


The Oatsab APK is a third-party application that bears a resemblance to WhatsApp. It serves as a tool for individuals seeking to view the status of another user who has intentionally muted them. This feature of the app allows users to access locked grades. The tricks and tools encompass the primary functionality of this application. If you seek a prompt and reliable alternative to Whatsapp, download it from the website. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Please guide how to download this application.

 Answer. The desired file can be obtained by selecting our website’s “Download APK” button.

Q. Is this application free of charge?

Answer. Yes, this application is free, and all features are currently accessible in this version. 

Q. Can you confirm if this application is safe and secure?

Answer. Yes, we have tested the latest version and determined it to be safe.