Training Slayer APK v38.0 ( Latest Version ) Free Download

Training Slayer APK v38.0 ( Latest Version ) Free Download
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You all might know about the famous anime series “Demon Slayer,” in which a female character is a famous demon who solely survived among all.  Hence, the Training Slayer APK game is developed according to that anime. It’s based on fantasy and action genres. It can be installed on your Android devices. 

The leading character in this game is a Woman with amazing abilities and skills. Your objective is to enhance these abilities and skills of the female lead into a more extraordinary and convincing female slayer. You can achieve that by using various resources and completing quests. As you progress, the game levels become more challenging and tougher. That makes it more fascinating.

Training Slayer APK

Training Slayer APK is an action and fantasy game in which you have to choose the more skilled female leading character and make her more powerful and skillful by defeating and completing the different tasks and quests. This game has a very captivating and interesting storyline, which you can also create. The story goes around the female player whom you need to make the most dangerous slayer. 

This version of the game provides a lot of unlimited coins to level up and various resources to overcome higher levels and pass difficult battles. It has stunning graphics and soundtracks that attract users’ attention and make the game more attractive.If you enjoy action and music in games, you should definitely try Sister Fight APK.

Key features: 

Offline gaming:

The game Training Slayer APK can be played both online and offline. All features of this game are obtainable to play offline, which makes it more convenient for users who don’t have an internet connection. You can have fun anywhere, anytime.

Graphics and soundtrack: 

It has stunning HD graphics and pleasing soundtracks that grab your attention and make the storyline more relevant to the gamers.

Storyline : 

The game continues with an incredible and beautiful emotional plot, followed by the Demon Slayer anime series. The plot revolves around a family murdered by a slayer, and the remaining family member seeks revenge on them.

Various levels to win:

The game has various levels to win rather than beginning again linearly. With each level victory, you advance to the next level and finish the task. Each level has different obstacles.

Multiplayer Mode 

The Training Slayer Mod APK has two playable game modes. The first option is to play a single-player game against opponents on the other side, or you may select a multiple-player game that includes a team to compete against other unknown teams.

Supports multilingual Mode 

The support for numerous languages ensures that no one gets left out, allowing it to reach a varied user base.

Earn coins by Sharing 

You can earn many coins by sharing them with your family and friends and also by sharing them on your social media platforms. 

Recent Enhancements: 

  • Upgrades regularly 
  • Free to download 
  • Friendly user interfaces 
  • Offline availability 
  • Fixed errors and bugs
  • No ads 
  • Unlimited coins and money 
  • Unlocked levels and resources 

Pros and cons : 


1. Skill advancement: 

With Training Slayer, you can level up your character’s combat skills and unlock new powers.

2. Monster variety: 

You will face various monsters, each with its distinct mechanics and drops.

3. Loot and rewards:

 Slayer can be highly profitable because the monsters you defeat can drop precious and rare items.

4. Quest requirements: 

Because several tasks in the game demand a specific Slayer level, mastering this skill might help you proceed through the game’s overarching storyline.


1. Time-consuming: 

Training Slayer Apk can be a time-consuming scenario because it frequently entails repetitive activities and methods.

2. Difficult enemies: 

As you level up, you’ll encounter increasingly difficult and higher-level monsters that might be difficult to fight without the right tools and techniques.

3. Limited solo play: 

Because some Slayer activities are more effective or even need teamwork with other players, independent players may struggle to finish some tasks efficiently.

4. RNG-based drops: 

Because the loot and awards from Slayer tasks are based on random chance, you may not always acquire the desired items or drops.


Q. Is it safe to install? 

Yes! It is completely safe and secure to download from our website. 

Q. Are these features available offline? 

Yes! All of its features are available offline for 50+ levels. 

Q. How can I  make the lead character stronger? 

As you win, completing quests and defeating monsters will make your female lead stronger and more skillful. 


The Training Slayer APK game is a vitalizing experience that both experienced players and newcomers love. Even after you’ve finalised the game, you’ll find yourself returning to it several times to create fresh storylines with a different set of opportunities and preferences each time. This game has become one of the most popular Demon Slayer alternatives due to its hard opponents, surprising methods, and creative twists.