FTS 24 Mod APK ( First Touch Soccer ) 4.1 OBB Data Download

FTS 24 Mod APK ( First Touch Soccer ) 4.1 OBB Data Download
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Here has come a brilliant offline football game for Androids known as FTS 24 Mod APK. Although the game is offline, it is considered one of the best soccer games ever. With the latest player transfer and advanced graphics, the game holds a huge fan base from all over the world. This new, modified version has several updated features that take the game to the next level. The latest theme of the game makes it an entirely new experience. In this article, by providing the direct download link, we have provided all the information regarding this updated version. You can have a look and click on the provided link to download this amazing game on your Android device.

First Touch Soccer (FTS 24) 2024 Mod APK

FTS 24 Mobile is the best offline football game of all time. It has come with the latest graphics and the most recent player transfers. This modified version is very advanced in terms of many aspects, including graphics, themes, controls, user interface, and much more. Like many famous online football games, this offline game brings outstanding realism into its gameplay. The gameplay has also been improved than the previous versions, making it more exciting and realistic. You will experience unbelievable changes in this latest mod after playing the game.

One of the most improved aspects of the FTS 24 Mod APK is its controls. As in the previous versions, managing the club was given the most importance than anything else. Controls were not focused on that much. But now, with the release of this latest version, controls have been given equal importance as managing the club and players. This has helped a lot in bringing outstanding realism into the game. In addition to the realistic graphics, realistic animations and actions have also been featured in this outstanding game of football. 

The most amazing thing about this latest version is that it is based on all the latest player transfers. Many players have left their clubs and joined others, and all these transfers have been updated in FTS 24 Mod APK, which makes it different from all the previous versions of the game. Some of the most important and discussable player transfers include Christiano Ronaldo to Al Nassr, Luis Suarez to Gremion, Jack Butland to Manchester United, Andrey Santos to Chelsea, John Duran to Auston Villa, Gakpo to Liverpool, and many more. Let’s explore the Racing Apex Racer Mod APK and indulge in the excitement of car racing.

More About FTS 24 Mobile Offline APK

In this version, many new leagues and clubs have been added. The addition of Saudi Professional League Clubs is an example. Not only several new clubs have been added, but the club managing options have also been increased in FTS 24 Mod APK. Now, the players can even try multiple combinations in a single match. They can switch between their combinations at any moment without facing any difficulty. Additionally, many new stadiums have also been added in this modified version to make the gameplay even more exciting. 

The gameplay of First Touch Soccer 24 APK is addictive. Full crowded stadiums with their cheers and chantings compel soccer players to play the game as many times as they can. In this offline game, you can even take part in famous leagues like La Liga, Premier League, Serie A, champions league, and several more. This offline game has all the features that an online game can share, and its performance is even better than many online games. You can use all the tactics as well as all the possible combinations in this recently updated version of the game. Make sure to check out Retro Goal mod APK, a simple yet very attractive sports game.

Features of FTS 24 Mod APK

Recently Updated Kits

In this latest version, all the new kits and jerseys of the famous clubs have been updated according to their officials. Everything in the game is according to the recent updates of the FIFA and club teams.

Updated Leagues

All the famous football leagues of the world have been updated in First Touch Soccer 24 APK. Along with the famous leagues of the world like La Liga, Series A, Champions Leagues, Brazilian Leagues, Bundesliga, and many others, Saudi Professional League has also been featured in this latest version. 

Latest Players Transfer

In this offline game, you can enjoy all the famous players of the world along with their real faces, moves, and celebration styles. Most importantly, players have been updated in the game according to their latest transfers. Some of the confirmed signings that have been updated in this latest version include Leo Messi’s transfer to Inter Miami, Bellingham to Real Madrid, Gundogan to Barcelona, and Benzema to Al-Itehad.

Modes of FTS 2 Mod APK

Despite having an offline game, it has multiple modes. The modes of this modified version include Tournament Mode, Manager Mode, Training, and All-Star Players. All these modes have been updated, adding new features in each of the modes.


Controls of this modified version are one of the most discussed features. Unlike the previous versions of the game, a main focus has been given to making the controls of the game easy and effective. Now, you can play the game with full control and authority. The game possesses easy and user-friendly controls to keep everything under your control.

Animations and Graphics

The animations and graphics of the game are unbelievable for an offline game. The most advanced graphics have been used in FTS 24 Mobile Offline. The animations of the game are also one of the best. All the characters of the game resemble their real-world players. They also possess the same physical characteristics as the players they represent in the game. It makes the animations outstanding and unmatchable for any offline game. 


If you are a football lover and you usually face internet problems or cannot manage to have a strong connection all the time whenever you want to play your favourite soccer game, download FTS 24 Mod APK. It is an entirely offline game with all the latest features, like an online game. Even without the internet, you can take part in leagues like La Liga, Serie A, Bundesliga, Champions League, Brazilian Leagues, and many more.

All the players available in this modified version are perfect replicas of the real-world players they represent by their facial and other physical expressions. This is an outstanding offline football game with no competition. If you are a football lover, click on the link without thinking about anything else to download this latest version on your Android phone.