Retro Goal Mod APK v0.9.26 (Unlimited Money) Download

Retro Goal Mod APK v0.9.26 (Unlimited Money) Download
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  • Android - 5 and Up
  • v0.9.26
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Do you have a low-end mobile phone that prevents you from enjoying your favorite football games? If yes, we are here with a solution for you. We have brought an outstanding football game that can be enjoyed on a low-end mobile phone. The game is known as Retro Goal Mod APK, which is the modified version of Retro Goal. This modified version has come with several premium features that are unlocked by default. Does not matter whether you have a normal phone or an expensive gaming smartphone; you can equally enjoy the game. This modified version has particularly been brought for those gaming lovers who could not afford an expensive mobile phone for gaming. 

What is Retro Goal Mod APK?

Retro Goal Mod APK Unlimited Money is an arcade-style football game which is developed by New Star Soccer. It is a modified version that has several new and premium features which are unlocked automatically. The real soccer roles are the basis of the game. This game is similar to other famous football games with the difference that it is particularly developed for low-end mobile phones. With the development of this modified version, all those football users who cannot afford gaming phones can also enjoy their favorite games on their normal phones as well. 

Since the game has been built for low-end mobile phones, old graphics of 16 bits have been used for it. The use of 16-bit graphics does not make the game low-quality at all. As far as game controls are concerned, modern touchscreen controls have been used in Retro Goal Mod APK. It is a realistic game that looks like a real football match. Like other games of the genre, you need to build your team first. You are free to select your playing eleven from the list of hundreds of players according to your requirements and finance.

Retro Goal Mod APK features several healthy competitions. Each team has 11 players, containing a goalkeeper, defenders, and attackers. While making your team and strategies, keeping all these aspects in mind is very important for developing a well-developed and strong team. There will be many competitions and highly competitive matches you will come to face in this modified version. Winning competitions is essential to progress in the game as well as to earn money. Winning more difficult matches give you more coins and rewards. 

More About the Game

This amazing game tests your football skills as well as your understanding of the game. Selecting a well-balanced team shows you awareness of the football game. Managing the team tests your management skills, and performing well on the ground shows how skilful you are. Controlling the game and the players is easy as modern touchscreen controls have been used in Retro Goal Mod APK. Apart from controlling the team, controlling all the available resources and using them to benefit your team is also your responsibility. Download the Fishing Hook Mod APK for an unparalleled fishing experience that’s truly unbeatable.

All the world’s famous league teams are available in Retro Goal Mod APK. Select your favorite team and make it a champion with your skills. Along with skills, selecting the right superstars as well as professionals is also mandatory. They can lead you towards success. Though the players available in the game are very talented and skilled, training and preparing them further is your responsibility. Furthermore, you also need to upgrade your players regularly to make them able to cope with strong opponents. Make sure to check out FTS 24 Mod APK, the best offline football game of all time.

Features of Retro Goal Mod APK

10 Free Mathes

The starting ten matches of the game are free. After enjoying these free matches, you can choose which game you want to play. Playing these matches unlocks more matches that you can play according to your likes and dislikes.


Whichever team you select, you become responsible for its management. Management is not only limited to the team and its players; managing the available resources is also an important part of management. 

Multiple Teams

Not only international teams but all the famous club teams are also available in Retro Goal Mod APK. You can participate in the mega leagues with your favorite team. Selecting any team and managing it is totally up to you. You can choose whatever team and whoever player you want according to your likes and dislikes.

Players Transfer

You can transfer players according to the requirements of your team. If a player continuously fails to deliver and you think he is not needed for the team anymore, you can release him from the team. You can buy any player you think can be beneficial for the team as a replacement for whom you have released or going to be released from the team. 

Buy Players in Retro Goal Mod APK

Initially, the funds are limited, and you can only select limited players. You may miss your favorite players due to a lack of money and funds. But as you play and progress in the game, it will provide you with many opportunities to earn money and generate funds. Once you have enough money, you can buy any of your favorite players. 

Simple Graphics

Instead of modern graphics, simple 16-bit graphics have been used in the game to take you to your childhood. Though 16-bit graphics are very simple and old, they are very interesting and captivating. Instead of making the game low-quality, they bring realism to it. Check out MadFut 24 Mod APK for an amazing gaming experience with its excellent graphics that create a fantastic playing environment, making everything appear authentic and practical.


Retro Goal mod APK is a simple yet very attractive game. With simple graphics, this game has been built for low-end mobile phones. This simple and arcade-style football game has been built for those football lovers who want to enjoy the mega sport on an average-quality mobile phone. So if you have a simple and low-end mobile phone, and you want to enjoy your favourite football game on it, it is the best choice for you. You should download it without thinking about anything else. However, if you have a gaming phone, you can go for better options.